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Meanwhile, here is the old site. It was updated before the season started, but most of it is from last year. Think of it as the BAC Classic page. Better yet, pop open a Miller product and don't think at all. Hey, it works for us!

Bookmark us now and avoid the rush as Lansing Michigan's "boys of summer" blossom into the summer's Internet phenom.

It's still snowy here in Lansing MI, but there are rumblings from the cave of the hibernating BAC beast... Hello to Mike Dingwell, formerly of Lansing, now living in the presumably warm state of AZ. Mike sent an off-season EMail, which puts him in a solid lead for BAC fan of the year, going into the '97 season. Sorry Mike, fan of the year and a dime will get you a cup of coffee. But needless to say, mention on this page is a priceless reward in and of itself...

Sponsors are lining up now to show financial support for the boys in blue, or your choice of colors and logo if you would like to foot the bill the replace those tattered jerseys... Drop an Email to Dan or Paul, see addresees further down the page.

WEEK 13 Well, the season is over, and the BAC goes out with a victory! Dave (who coincidentally keeps the stats) scooped up the batting championship and a grounder or two in our unmerciful 5 inning rout of Coscarelli's. Mike provided the apre-game Miller products.

No one incurred any beer liability, eliminating the need to carry beer debts forward into '97. Ah, '97 you ask... will the BAC be back? We are getting kind of old you know. Half the team vows they're retiring. But that's how it's always been. The BAC will return again next spring; fiestier, more irreverant, and yes... slower.

'Tooch has volunteered his web server, so we should have the space to do a lot of the graphical things we didn't get done on the site this year. Who knows, maybe we'll actually post the team stats. I sort of intend to do a little updating of the site through our long Michigan winter. You could help this happen by EMailing me some encouragement or just a kind word... I'm Dan and you can send stuff to me at dcallison@aol.com I'm sure Paul would appreciate EMail too, though you should expect a rather verbose (but typically amusing) reply from him.

WEEK ??Somewhere back there we lost a one run game to Jolly Tots our historical arch-rivals. We love to play these guys and they love to play us (it is more fun when we win though). So they got us 2-1 for the '96 season... we'll see about next year. We don't know for sure, but rumor is we were the only team to beat these guys this year!

Jeff Fritz indeed showed up at the game WEEK 12, and a bizarre game it was. The BAC, under the guidance and inspiration of wiley stand-in manager Don Reichle, came from a 4th inning 19-4 deficit to tie 20-20. Futile perhaps, but somewhat impressive, considering Arts mercied us twice this season. Anyway, it was a good show for Jeff and Amy. The BAC wasn't about to let someone fly from the other side of the country just to see a loss. Or a win either I guess.

Here's a Bonus Page for you. We may never get the stats published, so here's a little something instead...

Speaking of not getting published, Jeff Fritz has been located. Rumor has it he is currently being extradited OOPS! I mean is flying back to Michigan.We understand he may attend this Thursday's game. Jeff sent an Email filled with nostalgic ramblings about his days on the BAC... Since no one else seems willing to publish Jeff, we'll do it here ;-) because there is probably no better (and certainly no other) chronicle of this period of BAC history.

WEEK 11 was city tournament week. Our game Tuesday paled next to the first game at Davis Park that night. It ended after 21/2 hours and a final score 42-40. We learned that there is no time limit in the playoffs. We suspect there was no defense in that first game.

So anyway, a few minutes before 11 pm, we finally took the field. We lost 12-8 to Mason Hills Golf Course. Our hopes for a '96 tournament trophy dashed.

Last week's BIG NEWS got missed. Here's the scoop now: Allan (the survivor of our two 1996 rookies) is the proud father of a new son, Austin. Congrats to the Williams family!

WEEK 10 So much to say, so little time to update the ole' BAC Web site... Here it is in a nutshell: We lost to our historical arch-rivals Jolly Tots. Charter readers of the BAC Website might recall we triumphed over them in the season debut game. There were a couple bright moments: Stafford and Dan each hit bonafide home runs. This was Stafford's first. We figure the floodgate is open now. The score was uh... oh heck who cares? It was the night of our annual beer and pizza bash at Sammy's. Free pizza and Miller products! Life is GOOD!

At the party, we publicly rubbed off the instant lottery tickets for George and Stacy, winners of the first BAC contest. Like their BAC heros, they too lost Thursday night :-( but everyone would have to agree that mere association with the BAC (and mention here) makes them true winners...

Tonight (Tuesday 7/16) is the first game of the City Tournament! Come see us play at Davis Park at 9:15. Bring your own mosquito repellant. If victorious, we play tomorrow, time and place TBA. Is there another trophy in the cards???

WEEK 9 If there's one thing consistent about the BAC, its our inconsistency... This was a time-limit loss to Gino's. The score was horrendous. Something like 22-16 when it was whistled dead after 6.

Midway through the game, one of their players made solid contact with the ball. It cleared the fence at Marshall Park and bounced into traffic on Saginaw St. (one of Lansing's busier streets) where a full-size Ford made solid contact with it again. Darn thing broke the grille and rolled all the way to Marshall Street. A friendly motorist who saw the whole thing, stopped and threw it back into the park. Nice gesture, but too far to walk. It's still there.

Jeff Fritz used to talk about "the game within a game." That's probably a good description of the BAC's latest marketing triumph... Seems 'Tooch posed for a picture next to his computer which, like so many on the 'net, was locked onto this very page. 'Tooch and the picture made the front of the Detroit Free Press Business Section (Section E) Wednesday, June 26th. The article was about how 'Tooch and other progressive folks are connecting to the 'net via cable TV wire.

The BAC has a couple beer rules:

What can you do to prepare for the inaugural BAC foray onto the 'Net?

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Now that the BAC's '96 season is over, you can expect the web to go about 20% faster.

The entire BAC team thanks the bazillions of you who made the BAC Web Site such an outrageous success!